F2M Snapshots of Gender Transition-Part Two

A group of bones on a black surface Description automatically generated

At 14 years of age, Al felt triumphant as he announced his transgender male identity publicly. His social transition had been successful, and he was no longer known as Alice. But, his exuberance did not last long. Al soon became ready to move forward in his gender transition with the use of medical interventions, but […]

F2M Snapshots of Gender Transition-Part One

A small box with a black and red object on the ground

A rare week goes by that transgendered (trans) persons are not addressed in the news. Initially the focus was on the famous. With these revelations, trans and questioning youth could begin to see their secret selves modeled in society. With access to the internet youth can educate themselves about gender identities. Such information may provide […]

Play Details that Heal

In this blog I share ways a therapist can use the details of the play or Sandtray experience to help people’s growth and healing. I offer my thoughts and several vignettes, including dynamic play with children, to demonstrate why I believe details can be the key to change. The way I work in play therapy […]

A Trauma Narrative Shift

Today I am sharing my experience with a woman in her early 20’s. I am calling her April. I’ve chosen to present this material to demonstrate several points: Most of techniques used here to connect April to her experiences are applicable to drawing, painting. clay, dance, and other artistic modalities. Requesting a Sandtray session “to […]

Sandtray Basics #1: Box, Sand, & Space


I offer this chat to entice those therapists who may be hesitant to try the Sandtray methods. I hope this blog will help you to engage more easily in Sandtray. I focus here on essential tools that may be acquired at a reasonable price. The next blog will discuss collecting and displaying miniature items. The […]

Children’s Grief


Eight-year-old Lacey shared, “This is a picture of me after my mom died of AIDS. Everything is blue and closed. I know there is love somewhere, but I can’t get to it no matter how hard I try.” Daily I watch the numbers of the dead rise from COVID-19 and anticipate the devastating impact that […]

What is Sandtray Therapy?

Margaret Lowenfeld’s Sandtray methods are designed to access the innate healing powers within an individual’s life. Using what is created in the sand world we can reach into the depths of our lives and bring forth the images that we routinely rely on for perception and decision making. Sometimes our experiences are beyond words, and at other times our words do not accurately reflect our experiences. Sandtray can reveal how the non-cognitive aspect of our minds influence daily life. New perspectives gained through these sessions begin to clarify what actions one may take to heal, recover, and grow.

Sandtray can be a profoundly revitalizing and deeply intimate experience with one’s self. The therapist does not interpret or analyze the sand world but may function as a Witness or guide to enrich one’s focus, to explore and to harvest the wisdom from lesser-known parts of one’s life. Individuals make their own discoveries. Control lies with the Creator of the world. With a therapist’s aid, a world Creator can unfold fresh personal meanings. As people more clearly identify and harness the implicit aspects of their own lives, they become increasingly self-empowered to make healthier choices.