Roxanne Rae

Roxanne Rae,

Consultation/Supervision Services:

Psychotherapy is different from many other professions in that we do not all apply the same set of actions or tools to each person that asks for our help. We do base our services on a body of knowledge and skills. The art of knowing when and how to apply what we have learned is based on our personal interactions with our clients. This therapeutic process deeply engages all aspects lives—our perceptions, memories, beliefs, and automatic reactions as human beings, including both what is readily known to us and what is implicit. The more we learn about ourselves and how we function in the world, the more helpful therapists we can become.

The client /therapist dyad is embedded in a dynamic relational space that is co-created in our moments together. During therapy a client becomes a healthier functioning person within the context of this vital relationship with the therapist. As clinicians, we have the challenge of entering a lived, authentic connection with our clients while maintaining appropriate and reliable boundaries. We use what we know, who we are, and what is in our hearts to aid others to improve their lives. While creating a safe environment for our clients to explore and grow, we share affective states with them, providing both resonance and containment. Not having a script for these functions requires that therapists continually review and develop our own approaches and processes for this work. With the aid of supervision/consultation we can increase our capacities for flexibility, tolerance, and self- regulation, to better honor our clients with compassion, empathy, and respect.

If you are considering supervision for licensure or consultation to hone your treatment approach, please call me for a free consultation to determine how we may work together.